A mailing-services platform, featuring multi-business & multi-MTA setup.

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Empower Your Business Communication

Manage multiple business entities with ease. FlexyMailer allows each of your business arms to have its own set of Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs), providing you with a global reach through computing instances distributed worldwide.

Advanced MTA Devices

Our platform offers advanced ESMTP-MTA functionalities with flexible configurations. Enjoy seamless integration with other software platforms via APIs, and control your email sending and receiving without the delay of queuing.

Effortless Email Address Management

Manage your email addresses with individual control options. Upload, download, activate, or deactivate addresses as per your business needs, ensuring an up-to-date list for all your communication requirements.

Comprehensive Email Transaction Insights

Track the journey of your emails with detailed metadata. Gain insights into the status, transaction types, and connection information for every message sent and received through your MTAs.

We got you covered!

Don't worry about technical setup hurdles like SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records.
We handle all the configurations with best practices, ensuring everything is set up smoothly.
Once that's done, you're ready to start sending emails hassle-free.

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Get Started in Minutes

Creating your Flexymailer account is quick and hassle-free. Simply fill out a short form, and you're ready to go. No complex setup or lengthy procedures.

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Simple Domain Setup

We've streamlined the process of configuring and authorizing your domain with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Our easy-to-follow instructions guide you through each step, ensuring your emails are authenticated and secure.

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Send Emails with Ease

Once your account is set up and your domain is configured, you're ready to start sending emails effortlessly. Our intuitive interface lets you compose, schedule, and track your email campaigns with ease.

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Your Domain + Your Emails = Your Reputation
Anything in between: Leave it to us

Flexible Pricing Plans

With a range of customizable features and scalable options, you can tailor your plan to precisely fit your needs, whether you're a startup looking to grow rapidly or an established enterprise seeking flexibility in resource allocation.

On Premise Hosting

Complete control over your infrastructure. By hosting the services on-site, you can ensure maximum security, compliance, and performance while maintaining the flexibility to customize your setup according to your needs.

Acquire source code

Gain the freedom to customize and extend your software, without being constrained by proprietary limitations. If you're looking to enhance functionality, integrate with existing systems, or maintain complete control, drop us a line.